By: Life Coach, Kimilu 

2020 came in like a big shock to most, if not all of us. It’s taken us by surprise that the new normal consists of a lot of not knowing when we can see our family and friends again, fear for our health, and that constant stress of never knowing when this will end. Our sense of normalcy has been shattered by the circumstances and have left us feeling lost and uncertain. 

In times like these, defining our purpose can seem like too big of a task – but what if I told you that purpose is nothing more than being intentional and aware of your choices? What if I told you it’s learning how to feel good about yourself and the decisions you make in the process? 

If you are feeling lost and uncertain,  start with these 5 practices and incrementally turn your days around and realign with your purpose.

Find reasons to smile and laugh every day. 

When was the last time you genuinely smiled at something or someone? Laughing may seem like a given each day but I invite you to consciously find reasons to smile and laugh . Acknowledge something life brings you and be grateful for each of them, no matter how small. Start a gratitude journal (if you haven’t yet) and list down 3 things that made you smile for that day or things that you’re grateful for. You can do this through pen and paper or turn to apps! Counting your blessings will help you realize them and attract more of them. This practice will help you see what’s most important to you – and it creates a clear picture of what you want more of. 

Listen to your inner voice. 

Have you made certain decisions based on what you SHOULD be doing? What if you chose a decision that’s based on what YOU feel instead of what others think? The key to this step is being honest with yourself. It all starts with awareness, know what it is you actually want. If you want to hear more from your inner voice, try journaling or meditating. It will come to you. You have to trust that you know yourself best. Trust in yourself and in the fact that you are always being led to your highest good.

Give yourself time to explore and experience new things.

Is there something you would like to learn? Maybe you would like to take classes just for fun or try something different from what you’re so used to doing every day. Whatever it is you desire, give yourself permission to go after it! The fact that you have that desire means you want to grow – and honoring that desire presents you the opportunity to explore a new side of yourself.

Make life changes that are driven by passion and happiness.

Life decisions are not always easy to make. Take the time to reflect – and avoid making decisions when you are emotionally charged. When you feel more balanced, you can come back to it and decide from a place of abundance. You will know that you’ve made the right decision when you feel good about it!

Define your big WHY.

There’s always a bigger reason why we do the things we do whether it’s in our personal or professional life. Defining your big WHY can lead you to experiences that are in alignment with who you are – and living a life that feels authentic to you is powerful. Remember that YOU have the power to design your life – and when you show up as your authentic self, you invite others to do the same. 

The more in tune you are with your purpose the more true you are to yourself. Give yourself the chance to grow and flourish within the things that bring light to your life. You owe it to yourself to chase after your dreams, be intentional with your decisions, and to love the life you live. Listen to the voice inside you and heed their call. Understand that decisions are never permanent as we are ever-evolving. It’s okay to outgrow things, it’s okay to move forward. It’s okay to switch lanes, it’s okay to change and I sure hope you allow yourself to because change is the only way you’ll ever know how much you’ve grown.

Start with the little things and see how far that goes. Remember to stay grateful, try new things, and make time to clear your mind. If you want to try meditating, you can sign up for my free 10-Day Meditation Program! Go to now to sign up. Follow me on Instagram (@kimilulifecoach) – I’d love to hear from you! 

KimiluLife Coach
Kimi Lu is the Philippines’ pioneer life coach.
She is a licensed Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Life Coach,
Reiki Master Practitioner, certified NIA instructor,
and certified Sister Stories facilitator.

She has been conducting private coaching sessions,
group programs and workshops for the past 10 years
holding sacred spaces for growth seekers and progressive teams
to reach their highest potential through holistic programs.

She loves teaching people how to live authentically
and love themselves deeply and finds fulfillment
in witnessing the spark in people’s eyes during their “aha!” moment.