All Women’s Run 2023

Lace up your kicks, ladies, because this March 19 at Filinvest, Alabang,  Women’s Fitness Philippines is hosting an All-Women’s Run you’ll never forget. Sassy music you can dance to and roads filled with tough ladies? You got ‘em both!

Every March we celebrate women’s month to remind us all of how far we’ve come and all that we have yet to conquer as women. Women have contributed so much to the world’s progress – from tech to science to politics, to sports, so many women are trailblazing in their respective industries. But you don’t need to be Miss Universe or a pro athlete to celebrate your wins, nor do you need to accomplish something out of this world to celebrate being a woman. Because whether you are a working woman, a sassy sis, or a fierce female, WFP’s All-Women’s Run is your space to run, walk, dance in. 

Celebrate and feel celebrated with your favorite gal pals as you strut through a 3k or 5k run and if you’re the sporty spice type WFP’s All-Women’s Run also has a 10k, or 21k runs for you to dominate.

And who would ever forget about the super moms we all adore? We’ve got room for you and your babies in a 500m dash. Bring the cuties in a backpack, a stroller or even running beside you holding hands while you cross the finish line.

Event Categories


Early Bird: P2,000

Regular: P2,100

Assembly Time: 3:30 AM

Gun start: 4:00 AM


Early Bird: P1,500

Regular: P1,750

Assembly Time: 5:00 AM

Gun start: 5:30 AM


Early Bird: P1,350

Regular: P1,500

Assembly Time: 5:00 AM

Gun start: 5:45 AM


Early Bird: P1,350

Regular: P1,500

Assembly Time: 5:00 AM

Gun start: 6:00 AM


Early Bird: P1,350

Regular: P1,500

Assembly Time: 7:30 AM

Gun start: 8:00 AM

Introducing our new 500-meter dash for moms who want an easy way to stay fit and healthy. Run (or walk) with your baby on a stroller or in a carrier and make sure everyone gets some fresh air! Plus, kids are free! Join us for the 500-meter dash and get on your way to a fitter lifestyle – supermoms, let’s go!

What You’ll Get

We don’t want the medal you have to just be part of your memories and just store it somewhere. So we got you this medal sized bling that can come with you as keychain, a bag bling, or whatever you want it to be! This is a reminder of the day you worked HARD and had FUN. You deserve it.

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