How we take care of our mind and body impacts how we face the day or any situation in life. By keeping ourselves healthy,  we have the ability to intentionally choose positive actions to change our lives and the world for the better.


Yoga and meditation is a tool to liberate ourselves from negative self-talk thus allowing more space for meaningful thoughts and emotions. The more we find time to practice mindfulness the more we gain a greater sense of balance and peace.


Join us on the Mindful Earth: Grounding Meditation and Yoga on April 23 at 6:30 PM.

A Kundalini class open for the public via live webcast on Women’s Fitness PH Facebook page.


This session is done in parts;

6:30 PM: Talk on a Mindfulness Self

6:50 PM: Meditation and Yoga

7:35 PM: Grounding to Calm the Mind


You will experience a steady guidance to grounding exercises not only to help you deal with distressing thoughts and increase calmness but to also connect with nature. You will learn basic techniques and how to use these for daily meditation and yoga practice.


Climate Change Commission in partnership with Women’s Fitness Ph, Blackwood PH, and Odistry.


Let’s find our balance and celebrate #EarthDay2021 .